We believe that you and I deserve

at least one affordable...

super healthy meal...

every day...

And that is exactly why we have been manufacturing the

SuperFood NUCLEO since 2007

Nucleo is a well balanced,

high fat, high protein, low GI carb,

meal replacement shake or smoothie.

Formulated by a medical doctor (Dr Anton).


Free from sugar.

Free from gluten.

Free from dairy.

Free from chemical preservatives.


It provides sustained energy.

It improves concentration.

It provides extraordinary capacity to fight disease.


Since 2007 more than a thousand families are enjoying Nucleo

as a daily superfood-on-the-go.

And reaping a medicine free lifestyle.

At less than the price of a cup of coffee!!


Meet Nutribrands owner,

Jacques de Bruin,

in the video below...

Please Order on the Nucleo Superfood App

Please note that you can only order on the Nucleo Superfood App

Once you have signed up on the App, it takes 30 seconds to order and receive an invoice. The App also offers a range of products apart from Nucleo which are not available on the website. These are quality products (such as Liposomal Vit C, Collagen, Colloidal Silver, Probiotics) which we can source at better prices than you will find anywhere else in South Africa.

Watch a video here explaining how to install and use the Nucleo Superfood App

or install it right now by clicking on

the Google Play button from an Android phone or

on the Apple store button from an Iphone.

Google Play Store

Apple App store

If for some reason you have no access

to a phone or tablet on which to download the App

then send a whatsapp to Jacques (0847611222) to discuss options

Did you know Nucleo contains the 4 silver bullets of health?

Nutribrands manufactures Nucleo

 Nucleo® is unique in that no other shake or porridge in South Africa:

  • Combines 43 nutritional ingredients which includes all the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega oils, anti-oxidants, protein and carbohydrates the body needs to ensure sustained energy release, improved concentration and reduced fatigue and illness, while gradually fortifying the immune system.

Nucleo Price Benefits

The cost of Nucleo® is determined by yourself and how preventative you want to live or what you decide to allocate to healthy nutrition in your food budget.

Nucleo FAQ

Can Nucleo® be used as a weight loss program or will it make me fat?

Contact us

Owner Jacques de Bruin
Mobile 0847611222
Email Jacques de Bruin
Office hours Mon - Fri 08:00 - 16:30
See Nucleo Superfood App for orders
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We believe that every vulnerable child in South Africa

should have access to Rolls Royce nutrition such as Nucleo. 

That is why Nutribrands is supplying Nucleo to non-profit organisations

at bulk discounted rates for vulnerable children.

You or your business can sponsor Nucleo for these children

as part of your tax deductable social responsibility program:


Our 5 year old boy used to get continuous bladder infections due to a neurogenic bladder. It got to a point that it was so bad that he was on a different course of antibiotics every 16 days which totally eliminated the good bacteria (pro-biotics) in his intestine leaving him very vulnerable to any passing virus. He started eating Nucleo as a porridge about 3 years ago and has only been on one course of antibiotics since. Needless to say the whole family is now taking it religiously!" Anja Swart, Pretoria

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