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We have been providing Nucleo to more than 3000 vulnerable children this year and I just received a mind-blowing report from SA Cares for Life. They care for abandoned and vulnerable children through their Abba House projects.


This report is such a wonderful realization of our dream and passion to provide Rolls Royce nutrition to those who really need it and would otherwise never have access to it.

 We are not too surprised that every single child who had some form of illness prior to using Nucleo, has recovered fully, even on only 3 x 25g Nucleo servings a week. However, we were surprised at the number of children whose emotional conditions has changed so positively… and that various allergies improved in such a short period…

On that note, I want to introduce you to a gift which could really bless you, your family and a vulnerable child:

Yes I know what you feel like… autopilot… downhill… the mind clutching out… zoning in on your happy place these coming holidays.

Whatever you do, don’t end your holiday less energized than when you started it! Here’s how:

Fuel up in your first week –Start each day with the clear intention of not indulging too much, especially on sugar and alcohol and keep drinking your Nucleo!

Activate in your second week and do fun things in the fresh air. Take long walks or gentle jogs on the beach, play beach games with family and friends, surf the waves… enjoy the sun… de-stress.

Behave and evaluate your health habits in the third week. Ask yourself which habits worked for you during the last year… which habits do you need to can? What is the one new habit you must build on to create a FAB 2016?

I teamed up with Joni Peddie and Celynn Erasmus who created the fabulous FAB Quotient™ as in FAB Q™ over and above IQ and EQ. So you develop your energy intelligence through effective Fueling + Activation + Behavioral habits. Their FAB Q™ book is an easy read packed with practical tips from fueling on healthy snacks and holiday dips to turning your office chair into a personal gym without breaking a sweat… Join Joni and Celynn in their funky FAB Q™ video here FAB'QYoutube

Now you can go the usual route of spoiling the family with gifts majoring on chocolate and sweets - or your gift can be “energy intelligence” and “resilience”. Your gift can be a habit which shelves stress, minimises disease and fuels a life worth living!

Your gift can be a FAB Q™ Nucleo Combo Pack:

Nucleo FAB Q combo


One Nucleo Pack (choose a Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry Flavour), the FAB-Q™ book and an activation FAB Q™ balance pad to help you activate your body and brain wherever you are, holiday, home or office.

Price: R600 of which 10% will go towards Nucleo for vulnerable children

So bless a child, your family and yourself and order by replying on this email.


Enjoy a wonderful holiday…

Jacques, the Milkshake man

084 761 1222