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Nucleo @ Anuga World Food Show

Dear Nucleo Fans,

What a privilege to have been selected by DTI as one of 40 SA food manufacturers to exhibit on the South Africa National Pavilion at the Anuga World Food Show in Cologne, Germany from 10 – 14 October 2015.

It was so encouraging that the Anuga Trend Zone, researching developing trends in the food industry, identified "super foods" and “free from” foods as THE upcoming trend.

With Nucleo being a low GI, sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, chemical free Super Food, I had overwhelming interest from traders from all over western and eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Traders were impressed with Nucleo’s repertoire of 43 ingredients which included the silver bullets of the nutrition industry; Omega 3 from Salmon Oil, spirulina, colostrum, pre-biotics and digestive enzymes. These bullets are included over and above our high fat, high protein vitamin/mineral/amino acid base and are usually not included in most Super Foods. Nucleo’s meticulous focus on the health of the intestine also attracted much attention.

Since my return from the show I already have had enquiries from Holland, Belgium, Hungary and Poland and we trust we will soon see Nucleo popping up all over Europe. In fact, our first pallet recently arrived in Hungary and so we can now link interest from Hungary to our Hungarian distributor.

So a very HEARTFELT THANKS to you, our Nucleo fans, for believing in and supporting Nucleo to help us grow from humble beginnings 8 years ago to get the word out.

Thanks to you we are realising our passion and vision to supply world class quality nutrition that has real impact to people who would struggle to afford these ingredients if they would have to buy them separately.