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Seven tips for you to sleep better

Blissful uninterrupted sleep...
Nothing rejuvenates like a deep sleep...
Nothing heals the body like long continuous sleep...
The top 3 sleep disrupters:
1 - Bright and Blue light from phone/tv/computer screens after sunset.  Staring into a fire after sunset boosts your melatonin (sleep hormone).  Screens prevents melatonin production. 
So chill around the fire after sunset. Or get some blue light blocking glasses if you have to look into a screen before bed.
2 - Caffeine increase alertness and impairs quality of sleep. Don't take caffeine after sunset. 
3 - Alcohol might relax you, but studies clearly show it results in disruptive sleep disorders. Try to avoid alcohol, at least after dinner.


Nucleo supports the core of an athlete

Nothing beats exercise. 
For boosting health.
Especially when you are 40 plus.
Doc Anton always says:
20 to 30 min increased heart rate per day
(building up a sweat)
prevents at least 50% of heart diseases.
energy drinks/protein shakes with sugar
or with a high Glycemic Index (GI),
destroys any positive impact on your health.
That is why he formulated Nucleo without any sugar. Or high GI components. And why we did extreme 8 to 16 hour adventure racing using only Nucleo.
In fact few people knows:


How to restore intestine after antibiotics

A bit of a battle on our side this winter.
Have to tell you what happened to Kathy (my wife).
One of her molars started complaining.
The dentist suggested crowning of the tooth.
After the crowning the tooth had an infection.
Weeks of pain.
Forced to take anti-biotics for the first time in more than 20 years.
Her body reacted viciously to the anti-biotics and she developed colitis (infection of the intestine) with severe abdominal cramps.


Natural tips for a medicine free winter

We are between seasons.
And the bad bugs are preparing their attack!

I am going for yet another medicine free winter.
How about you?
It only takes a few healthy habits.
The immune system can trump any disease.
If you have been building it up.

As a child I have been ill often... for many years...
Until I actually started to focus on fortifying my immune system.
For the full story check my video here.

Below our medicine free recipe/tips
for building a super strong immune system:


Family Natural "Medicine" Chest


I hate standing in queues.
For anything. Especially if I bring my money to purchase something.
Makes me feel like a sheep in the kraal.
So that is why you won't ever queue for Nucleo!
Why we will serve you as I would like to be served.

Why we created the Nucleo Superfood App where you can order Nucleo, receive your invoice and make your EFT payment via your banking App, all within 60 seconds. Then we have all your detail in one place and can courier your order seamlessly without delay. And let the admin take care of itself.

 So that I can focus on my extraordinary passion:


Let's give back on GIVING TUESDAY

Over the last 10 years Nucleo has contributed to the priceless gift of health to thousands of people.

Let's celebrate that health with an opportunity to “give back”.


Healthy Food for Mom and Baby

In my weird and wonderful world of hectic health, I am often splashed by a colourful ray of joy.

Like the young mother who showered Nucleo with praise last week..."I am using Nucleo for a year now and being 8 months pregnant, I have not even had a single cold...Nucleo also lifts my energy when I get so tired..."

Having repeatedly seen the long term impact of healthy food on babies and children, we are convinced that the greatest gift a young mother can give to her unborn baby is to eat healthy herself.

Of course she can not eat only Nucleo, so we prepared a series of emails on exactly what an expecting mother should avoid (this could save lives) and what she should include in her diet during pregnancy to ensure the precious gifts of health, intelligence, an allergy-free and disease free life for her baby.

If you want to bless a mother-to-be who will thank you profusely for sharing this with her, you can ask her to click here and subscribe to our series of emails.


Family Health Secrets

Family Health Secrets

Over the last 15 years we have always had a passion to help families with tips and advice on how to use natural products and foods to fight disease and to only use medicine in extreme situations.

We have now compiled all these tips and advice in a single Health Membership Area which is free of charge to all our customers...

Simply click here to subscribe









Skep jou unieke Nucleo smaak en geur! Met Nucleo RAW!
Dis eindelik hier...
Nucleo RAW bevat al die bestanddele van Nucleo behalwe die geure en fruktose. So nou kan jy jou eie geur ontwikkel na smaak. Wees kreatief met vrugte, neute, olies of selfs groente en laat weet watter wenresepte jy ontdek...


Introducing the NEW NUCLEO RAW

Introducing the NEW NUCLEO RAW

Create your own Nucleo flavour! With Nucleo RAW! It's here...
Nucleo RAW contains all the ingredients of Nucleo minus the flavours and fructose. So now you can design your own smoothies. Being creative with flavours and tastes of your choice.
Try out some of your own ideas and send me your winner recipe's so we build some fab Nucleo smoothies.


Do you battle with Restless Legs Syndrome?

Then I want to help...
They say there is no cure.
Yet we have seen so many people recovering. Fast.
Only three weeks on Nucleo.
Another two people confirmed it this week.


Stop diarrhea in its tracks


Mark stopped 3 months of diarrhea in its tracks with Nucleo...

I had been suffering from Cryptosporidium and C.Diff since early May 2014 and 5 rounds of medication later (3 months of medication, lab work, blood tests and $4500 in costs) the bacteria level was still over the highest limits. No doctor had an answer and I was handed-off between the two main hospitals in Minnesota until I finally was given to a specialist in the field.


No More Allergies

How many children do you know without some form of allergy?
Do we get allergies from our parents? “It’s in the genes” they say.
I beg to differ. I have been a super allergic child. Allergic to anything from dust to cat hairs.

Today I have no allergies. My three boys aged 17, 15 and 12 have no allergies.
Why? Healthy food = healthy gut = no allergies.


Magnificent Seven in Nucleo

On the topic of labels...

Can you name the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN - in Nucleo?

Yes, there are at least SEVEN unique ingredients in Nucleo.
Healthy stuff you won't find in any other shake.
Or energy drink.
Or porridge.
Not anywhere in South Africa.


Hidden Truth on Aminos

I rarely compare food labels.

Generally, I sample a new food/drink by tasting it.

Occasionally taste becomes less important, if I see the health benefits.

Most people do the same.


Allow me to unpack some "hidden truths" about Nucleo and its label. Few people are aware of this:


Prevention is still better than cure

I am saddened. This week a dear friend passed away. Another death by cancer.

So many of you responded to my previous note about cancer. So many family and friends in the midst of this cancer war. Every case is different and complex. Many questions. But I am encouraged to see that you are becoming more aware and informed. That you are doing your own research.

For the last 50 years the main stream view was that cancer is a genetic disease. This view fueled 50 years of cancer research. Results: Expensive treatments. No change in death rates.


Its Genocide this Cancer thing

Its genocide. Not that we call it that. It's just death by cancer.

www.who.int states that more than 8 million people die from cancer every year.
To increase by 70% over the next 20 years.
We know it is close to the truth.
We all lost family members or close friends to cancer.  

Last week I exhibited Nucleo at the Iran Food Show in Tehran. Just about 100km south of the Caspian Sea. Iranians told me that once this sea was a super healthy source of delicious fish and therefore Omega 3 oils. Now pollution has wiped that source.
Cancer is the third largest cause of death in Iran.  SA stats does not look much different.

We can point the finger to hundreds of reasons out there. Ultimately we are responsible for what we feed ourselves. The more people become intentional about what they eat or drink, the more it determines what food sources produce out there. Cancer feeds on refined sugars and processed foods like a ferocious wolf. Cancer hates raw and natural foods. Lets get intentional towards the natural foods.

That is why we source ingredients in Nucleo from companies that use natural sources and processes to create a natural super food.

For example the colostrum in Nucleo is sourced from grass-fed cows and processed in a cold spray process. No chemicals. No heating. Colostrum is one of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants which kills bad bacteria and preserves healthy bacteria in the gut.

I lift a glass of Nucleo to you fighting cancer with healthy food and a diseases-free life.


Hoekom bestaan Nucleo?

Kliek hieronder en luister na Jacques oor hoe Nucleo ontstaan het en watter oplossing dit as gesonde voeding bied:




Nucleo Gliserine Combo

I am now nearing my fifties. I am still the champion arm wrestler among my boys and their friends! I am only just lagging them in the warrior race… but I start to feel the joints...
A while back I received a silver beard tip. From a gentleman in his late 60’s who is still running marathons: One tablespoon of Gelatine a day.


Health Habits

I wish all of you a healthy disease free 2016.

It is now 10 years since Doc Anton and I started manufacturing Nucleo. With this passion to give people access to an affordable nutritionally complete superfood. A ready-to-eal meal which contains everything the body needs daily. Not only to survive but to flourish with sustained energy, better concentration.


Food Crisis

We are now in the middle of a food crisis.

The maize price increased with 30% since last November. South Africa will be importing basic food that we never imported before. At a very unfavourable exchange rate. Healthy foods will become more expensive.

Nucleo was designed as a solution for a time such as this.


A Nucleo gift to a child

We have been providing Nucleo to more than 3000 vulnerable children this year and I just received a mind-blowing report from SA Cares for Life. They care for abandoned and vulnerable children through their Abba House projects.



SA Cares For Life Report on Nucleo

Thanks to SA Cares for Life’s diligent monitoring, we now have a detailed 9 week report on 103 vulnerable children who received Nucleo over this period.


Nucleo @ Anuga World Food Show

Nucleo @ Anuga World Food Show

Dear Nucleo Fans,

What a privilege to have been selected by DTI as one of 40 SA food manufacturers to exhibit on the South Africa National Pavilion at the Anuga World Food Show in Cologne, Germany from 10 – 14 October 2015.


NucleoNomics - The Gutsy Gut Factor

So the other day my old time friend, Marco out in Dubai, sent me a freakonomics alert on the Power of Poop! It explains how a guy was healed from MS with a fecal transplant! Marco was rather relieved that he had Nucleo to keep all those micro bugs in his gut happy and healthy and so am I. Just the thought of a fecal transplant is downright scary!


Nucleo Support for ADHD

What is the impact of Nucleo for children with ADD and ADHD?



Protect your gut

Time to love your gut...


For several years I (Dr Anton) have been studying the human body and how it’s affected by nutrition, the environment, toxins and numerous other factors. Nothing could prepare me, though, for the amazing discoveries I was to make regarding the digestive system.

We tend not to think about our intestine. We don’t even give it a second thought when we put something into our mouths. And we seldom think of it when we suffer from some acute or chronic illness. It is exactly here that many of us make a crucial mistake!

In the following article devoted to this fascinating system you will see how your digestive system affects absolutely everything that goes on in your body and how looking after it could help you have an energetic, healthier and longer life!


Read More