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Click Picture to Order

750g Nucleo Pack Price: R350/pack.  

You will receive R40/pack discount if you order 3 or more packs. Simply Click on the 3 Pack Special picture to the right.

Note you will receive R60/pack discount for 3 or more packs when ordering on the Nucleo Superfood App.

Get it on Google Play store for Android or App store for Iphone by clicking the button below on your phone:

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Steps to order and checkout here on the website:

1 - Select a flavour

2 - Then select the quantity for that flavour

3 - Click on the ADD TO CART button

4 - Select next flavour, its quantity and add to cart

5- Once all flavours are selected click on CART icon above to checkout

6 - You can then change your selection again before you checkout

7 - You will then choose your delivery options.


A 750g pack of Nucleo = 30 x 25g servings (25g scoop inside every pack).

So 1 pack contains 30 meals (@ 1 scoop/meal) or 15 meals (@ 2 scoops/meal).

Nucleo can be used as a ready-to-eat meal to replace breakfast or lunch or as a mid morning snack. Mix 2 scoops of Nucleo with 200 to 250ml of water or milk and shake well. Or mix with yoghurt or make your own smoothie with some fruit, nuts and Nucleo.

When ill boost your immune system with up to 200g of Nucleo per day.

Vanilla Nucleo has a green colour because it includes spirulina,

Chocolate Nucleo (includes spirulina and cacao), is chocolate brown.

Strawberry Nucleo has a pink colour. Spirulina has been replaced by beetroot to create the colour.

Read more about our non-flavoured Nucleo RAW product here

After you completed your checkout information, you will receive an email with payment detail for EFT. Once proof of payment is received we courier to your delivery address within 2 - 3 work days in Gauteng. 5 - 7 work days outside Gauteng.

If you live in Moreletapark, you can also arrange to collect from Liza at our depot (8 Greenvalley, 1 Brabham st, Moreletapark).

Pretoria: R45 per delivery

Johannesburg: R100 per delivery

Outside Gauteng R120 per delivery




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