Family Natural "Medicine" Chest - Nucleo Stories


I hate standing in queues.
For anything. Especially if I bring my money to purchase something.
Makes me feel like a sheep in the kraal.
So that is why you won't ever queue for Nucleo!
Why we will serve you as I would like to be served.

Why we created the Nucleo Superfood App where you can order Nucleo, receive your invoice and make your EFT payment via your banking App, all within 60 seconds. Then we have all your detail in one place and can courier your order seamlessly without delay. And let the admin take care of itself.

 So that I can focus on my extraordinary passion:

I get to see a lot of disease in my business...
painful suffering...
from children to the elderly...

So my utmost joy is to see disease destroyed...overcome...reversed
To see new health and joy and hope...

And this year I am pulling out all the plugs to help as many families as possible...

I cannot come and sit down with each one of you.
Sharing how me and my family took responsibility for our health. How we managed to tweek a few easy and affordable habits, resulting in enormous changes in our health...

But I can invite you for a peek into these health habits by clicking here.  Or simply login here if you signed up before.

Over the last year I made a huge effort to find quality and affordable sources for all the natural stuff we use in these habits and to make it available to you as well.

So in this one place (Health Secrets Area), I explain in detail why and how we use the following extraordinary "foods" as our natural medicine:

  •   Nucleo 
  •   Probiotics 
  •   Colloidal Silver
  •   Magnesium 
  •   Cannabis Oil
  •   Collagen

    I honestly don't think you need much else in terms of nutrition to live a healthy lifestyle...

    Unless you already struggle with a disease or condition for many years. And if so, I will address that in the coming weeks with an extraordinary alternative treatment option, which will blow your mind... watch this space...

    Before I end off my rap...

    An invite to you or anybody you know with a small business,
    that cannot afford a ludicrous R150,000 to create an easy-to-use App, similar to ours.

    Our App dev team will make our App available to your business (with your logo and style) at a fraction of that price...Click here and check it out.

    Here’s to your prosperous health,
    Jacques aka the Milkshake Man on a healthy rap!
    084 761 1222

    P.S. Be sure to go to the PlayStore or AppStore to update or install the new version of our "Nucleo Superfood" App launched on Monday.