Food Crisis - Nucleo Stories

We are now in the middle of a food crisis.

The maize price increased with 30% since last November. South Africa will be importing basic food that we never imported before. At a very unfavourable exchange rate. Healthy foods will become more expensive.

Nucleo was designed as a solution for a time such as this.

Yes we also import most of our ingredients. From top companies in Switzerland, Germany, Holland and UK. But by combining 43 ingredients into one complete product, we save on production, packaging and transport costs.

We also don't pass the full increase onto customers. We take the knock with our customers and our price only increased with 5%. We stick to our passion to provide Rolls Royce food at an affordable price to those who really need it.

Nucleo's price depends heavily on your word of mouth. The more users buy Nucleo the easier we can cover costs, the better we can continue to provide this super healthy food at affordable prices.

From time to time I get access to great health deals and tips. Many of my friends asked me to pass this on to them.

So I am starting a health tips broadcast via whatsapp. Please send me your latest mobile number if you have whatsapp. You will be able to exit anytime if this is not for you.