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Dear Nucleo Fans,

The other day my old time friend Marco, out in Dubai, sent me a freakonomics alert on the Power of Poop! It explains how a guy was healed from MS with a fecal transplant! Eish Eina!

Marco was rather relieved that Nucleo (at a fraction of the cost of a transplant) was keeping all his micro bugs happy and healthy... and frankly, so am I. Just the thought of a fecal transplant is downright scary!

But you should really listen to the podcast – you will be blown away with what they are learning about these bugs and the power of poop.

It certainly confirms how powerful your healthy gut can be and why Doc Anton was so pedantic on tuning every ingredient in Nucleo towards pampering, feeding and fortifying the gut.

Which brings me to this unbelievable story of the American who visited Marco in Dubai last year… He was suffering from a bad state of perpetual diarrhea which 3 months of treatment from the best doctors in the USA and a $4500 medical bill could not cure.

Marco offered him some Nucleo and three days later his system was normal for the first time in months. He returned to the USA and the Mayo Clinic fecal and blood tests confirmed that the vicious bug was gone! No kidding man - read his full story here. I should introduce the 3 Day Nucleo Gut Treament - now only $3000!

Of course there are a zillion reasons why Nucleo is so effective on the gut, one of which is the type of pre-biotics we use to turbo boost the pro-biotics (gutsy bugs fighting the bad bugs). If you lack pro-biotics for whatever reason, you should consider fueling up with a good quality liquid pro-biotic. One option is to speak to Dianne or Liza@imsyser.co.za.

Now if you have a story of what Nucleo did to your gut since you have been using it, please pop me an email or whatsapp, I would appreciate...


Here's to NucleoNomics

producing Gutsy Guts!!



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