Health Habits - Nucleo Stories

I wish all of you a healthy disease free 2016.

It is now 10 years since Doc Anton and I started manufacturing Nucleo. With this passion to give people access to an affordable nutritionally complete superfood. A ready-to-eal meal which contains everything the body needs daily. Not only to survive but to flourish with sustained energy, better concentration.

And this extraordinary capacity to fight disease. Many of our customers and my own family enjoy a disease free life. Meaning that even if we do fall ill, we recover withing a day or two. That is without taking medicine.

So herewith the first health tip for 2016: Healthy Toothpaste.
Plaque cannot survive in an alkaline environment. So we use only toothpaste that is alkaline. The cheapest option is baking soda. Make a paste with a bit of baking soda, coconut oil and peppermint oil and you have yourself a healthy toothpaste. No tooth decay and mouth sores any more.
Which brings me to another crucial health habit. Hydrate well with healthy water. With 75% of my brain and 60% of my body being water, I poison myself slowly when I drink polluted water. And by now everybody knows that 90% of our water is extremely polluted.

So even though we have a borehole, we filter all our drinking and cooking water. Unfortunately when you filter all the bad stuff you also filter the good stuff. So we add the natural elements and minerals back to the water after filtering. To restore it to its natural life producing, alkaline state.

I have actually seen how Nucleo dissolves better in this water than normal tap water. Which of course helps the body to absorb the ingredients in Nucleo so much better.

Oh and remember you should not drink a full glass or bottle of water at once. Best way to hydrate your cells effectively, is small sips right through the day. So I always take a bottle of clean water with me. Now that is a glass bottle because plastic bottles mess with the water's structure.

So if you hydrate well, the sustained energy Nucleo gives you will last so much longer... To your health and staying disease free