Healthy Food for Mom and Baby - Nucleo Stories

In my weird and wonderful world of hectic health, I am often splashed by a colourful ray of joy.

Like the young mother who showered Nucleo with praise last week..."I am using Nucleo for a year now and being 8 months pregnant, I have not even had a single cold...Nucleo also lifts my energy when I get so tired..."

Having repeatedly seen the long term impact of healthy food on babies and children, we are convinced that the greatest gift a young mother can give to her unborn baby is to eat healthy herself.

Of course she can not eat only Nucleo, so we prepared a series of emails on exactly what an expecting mother should avoid (this could save lives) and what she should include in her diet during pregnancy to ensure the precious gifts of health, intelligence, an allergy-free and disease free life for her baby.

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