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A bit of a battle on our side this winter.
Have to tell you what happened to Kathy (my wife).
One of her molars started complaining.
The dentist suggested crowning of the tooth.
After the crowning the tooth had an infection.
Weeks of pain.
Forced to take anti-biotics for the first time in more than 20 years.
Her body reacted viciously to the anti-biotics and she developed colitis (infection of the intestine) with severe abdominal cramps.
Realising that all her pro-biotics were destroyed by the anti-biotics, she embarked on the following protocol with the help of Dr Anton:
During the 5 day course of anti-biotics she stopped eating any gluten, sugar, dairy and meat which aggravates colitis. Only had salads and vegetables.
For the first three days after the antibiotics was completed, she took only Nucleo (4 to 6 scoops/day), Collagen (2 teaspoons per scoop Nucleo), Probiotics (3 x 15ml/day) and Colloidal Silver (3 x 50ml per day) to fight the infections and restore the intestine.

No other food.

No tea or coffee to avoid caffeine which aggravates colitis.
Day 4 she added boiled water with lemon, ginger, a garlic clove and honey twice a day to the above. 
Over and above the L-Glutamine and Colostrum in Nucleo, she added 2 tea spoons L-glutamine and Colostrum plus two teaspoons of butter which helps to restore the intestine.
By day 4 the cramps were gone and the colitis subsided. However she continued for 12 days to boost her system with the above.

Two weeks later she visited a friend who had a terrible flu and she caught it.

We knew her body's immune system was restored when she recovered from the flu within two days simply continuing with the above protocol. She only added 90 drops of olive leaf extract per day.
Thankfully the boys and I did not catch the flu. Which indicates strong immune systems.


So when you have to take anti-biotics don't relax even after your problem is gone. Bring in the big cannons and restore the most precious weapon your body has. 80% of your antibodies are produced in the intestine! Pamper your gut!
For more detail on how we as a family build our immune system check our health secrets site here.

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