Its Genocide this Cancer thing - Nucleo Stories

Its genocide. Not that we call it that. It's just death by cancer.

www.who.int states that more than 8 million people die from cancer every year.
To increase by 70% over the next 20 years.
We know it is close to the truth.
We all lost family members or close friends to cancer.  

Last week I exhibited Nucleo at the Iran Food Show in Tehran. Just about 100km south of the Caspian Sea. Iranians told me that once this sea was a super healthy source of delicious fish and therefore Omega 3 oils. Now pollution has wiped that source.
Cancer is the third largest cause of death in Iran.  SA stats does not look much different.

We can point the finger to hundreds of reasons out there. Ultimately we are responsible for what we feed ourselves. The more people become intentional about what they eat or drink, the more it determines what food sources produce out there. Cancer feeds on refined sugars and processed foods like a ferocious wolf. Cancer hates raw and natural foods. Lets get intentional towards the natural foods.

That is why we source ingredients in Nucleo from companies that use natural sources and processes to create a natural super food.

For example the colostrum in Nucleo is sourced from grass-fed cows and processed in a cold spray process. No chemicals. No heating. Colostrum is one of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants which kills bad bacteria and preserves healthy bacteria in the gut.

I lift a glass of Nucleo to you fighting cancer with healthy food and a diseases-free life.