Let's give back on GIVING TUESDAY - Nucleo Stories

Over the last 10 years Nucleo has contributed to the priceless gift of health to thousands of people.

Let's celebrate that health with an opportunity to “give back”.

We have known Mike and Rose Hack for at least 23 years. And have joined them in various relief projects around the world.

In fact, the dream of healthy and affordable nutrition started taking shape in Yemeni towns like Jibla and Taiz where Mike & Rose, Dr Anton & Michelle, Kathy & I served the Yemeni people in the late nineties.

Mike and Rose still take Nucleo to the far ends of the earth as they bless those that are in dire need of nutrition. Rose’s work at AIDSLink International is impacting thousands of people in more than 20 nations, from the savannas of Zambia to the mountain villages of Nepal.

We have also been supporting their team in Mamelodi, serving HIV affected orphans over the last 7 years. Boosting their immune systems to the point where they are not only able to fight the disease, but also to concentrate and focus in school… and living a precious life...

AIDSLink International has partnered with GlobalGiving to continue to make Nucleo available to these children.

GlobalGiving is an international organisation which matches funding for worthy projects that are well supported.

Once a year they run a GIVING TUESDAY on which they pay out bonus funding to the partners that raise the most donors.

So this Tuesday (28 November 2017) we launch our Nucleo-for-Orphans Project and would like to invite you and as many people as you can muster to support these children. All the funds will go to supply Nucleo at a significant discount to the children.

Click here on GIVING TUESDAY and donate as little as $10 for a child. You can donate once off or monthly.

We will receive more matching funds for a 100 people donating $10 than one person donating $1000. We receive more than double for donors who donate monthly.

We receive most funds for donations on GIVING TUESDAY, but will also receive prizes in matching funds for donations made up to 31 December 2017.

Here’s to your health and your giving back on Giving Tuesday,