Liposomal Vitamin C definitely works for gout - Nucleo Stories

Do you know someone struggling with gout?

I believe we can help.

I don't say that lightly.

I am skeptical of 90% of products out there...and unless I see it works for a variety of people I am not interested.

So I tested this one with various friends struggling with gout...With a 100% success rate thus far...

Well it's simply Vitamin C😳
👉But not Vitamin C as you know it.

👉 It is Liposomal Vitamin C encapsulated in a liposome membrane.

👉So it is Vit C inside a little fat bubble.😉

👉Which absorbs faster into the bloodstream than intravenal Vit C with a drip.

👊Gout is caused by high levels of uric acid which form needle-like crystals in a joint, causing sharp pain.😫

👊Alcohol, spicy food, read meat and sugar is totally guilty of boosting your uric acid levels.

👊Healthy food such as Nucleo, vegetables, seeds, Omega oils and especially Vit C reduce uric acid levels.

💪However you need a high dosage of Vit C (1000-2000mg) per day in order to reduce the inflammation caused by gout.

💪I tested it when I sprained an ankle recently...I could walk normally after two days, with the pain gone, by using 1500mg Liposomal Vitamin C for those two days.

💪So it will work for any inflammation or joint/back/knee pain or any form of arthritis.

💪 Nucleo is also a "food" which reduces uric acid...so it will work well with liposomal Vit C.