Magnificent Seven in Nucleo - Nucleo Stories

On the topic of labels...

Can you name the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN - in Nucleo?

Yes, there are at least SEVEN unique ingredients in Nucleo.
Healthy stuff you won't find in any other shake.
Or energy drink.
Or porridge.
Not anywhere in South Africa.

Check the label. Can you name them?

  • Spirulina - Nobody adds spirulina in a shake. It is always sold separately.
  • Colostrum - Colostrum only comes in capsules.
  • Omega 3 from Salmon oil - Show me another nano-encapsulated salmon oil product?
  • Digestive enzymes - Who else adds this in their porridge?
  • Pre-biotics - Good fuel for the healthy bacteria in the intestine. You will never find it in a porridge or shake.
  • Lecithin - Turbo boost concentration. Always sold separately.
  • Amino Acid blend - No other company is importing certain amino acids included in our blend.

Why are these ingredients not included in your typical protein/energy shake? Because it makes much more money if sold separately!

Here's to Nucleo, your affordable, All-in-One, superfood!

Jacques aka the Milkshake Man

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