Nucleo FAQ

Can Nucleo® be used as a weight loss program or will it make me fat?

No, Nucleo® will not make you fat, in fact many people are using it very successfully as part of a weight loss program. There are 732kJ in a 50 gram serving of Nucleo® and this is equal to a snack like a slice of rye bread. Nucleo can thus be taken as part of a kilojoule-controlled diet.

With regard to weight loss the key feedback that we’re receiving from users of Nucleo® is that they have increased control over what they eat and that they have fewer cravings. This is very good if you’re on a weight loss program.

  • Is Nucleo® a meal replacement?

Many people use Nucleo® as a meal replacement even though it has the same kJ as a slice of rye bread, because they feel quite nourished after their Nucleo®.

  • Would I need to take any other supplements if I take Nucleo®?

No, since it contains all the supplements your body needs or can absorb in a day, it is enough if you follow a balanced diet unless you have a reason to be on a specific supplement protocol where other supplements are needed over and above Nucleo®.

  • Are nutritional supplements of any use?

The answer is a definite yes. Scientific literature is clear about the fact that they do play a health-promoting role in the human body especially in light of the increased strain placed on people because of pollution, bad nutrition, stress etc. A healthy diet is the mainstay of a healthy life but supplements, especially the good ones which ensure full absorption, definitely have a role to play.

  • Can I take Nucleo® every day?

Yes, you can. Nucleo® is essentially a food product that contains no substances that can accumulate in the body or have detrimental effects over the long term. Some Nucleo users actually drink 3 to 4 x 50g dosages per day when they have the flu or other serious illnesses. So you cannot overdose on Nucleo.

  • Can I take more than 50g of Nucleo® per day?

Yes, you can especially if you’re under intense emotional strain, recovering from disease or surgery or if you have an underlying illness. The average dose is 50g per day.

  • Why is Nucleo® any different to the hundreds of supplements on the market today?

Nucleo® was painstakingly designed over a 5-year period and considered hundreds of scientific articles regarding optimal nutrition. It is thus not a random mix of nice-sounding ingredients. Another reason why Nucleo® is different to other supplements is the absorption issue. Many supplements are poorly absorbed either because the users are ill or because an average person’s intestine is in a bad shape due to years of municipal water, high GI foods and/or antibiotic use. The other problem is that many nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, need the presence of food ingredients like fat to absorb optimally and many people just don’t eat the right type of meal to ensure this absorption. Nucleo® overcomes most of these problems.

  • I have allergies to many foods. Would I be able to use Nucleo®?

Nucleo® contains no dairy, wheat, sugar, artificial colourants or chemical preservatives, which are substances that some people could be allergic to. The best advice is to take a teaspoon of Nucleo® in water and wait a day to see if there are any allergic effects. Some users commented that Nucleo healed them from certain allergies.

  • Is Nucleo® expensive?

Nucleo® is a specialised product that contains high-quality (and thus expensive) ingredients. Some of the ingredients are specially imported and can’t be found in any other supplement on the South African market! The numerous ingredients in one month’s supply of Nucleo® (1.5kg) would together have a value of more than R3000 if bought separately. Nucleo® retails for less than 80% of this!

This price excludes the non-measurable value of the convenience of only having to take 1 product instead of about 40 capsules, the value of increased absorption and the value of access to high-quality ingredients that are found in no other product on the South African market!

  • If the product is worth so much why sell it for so little?

Right from inception the mission of Nutribrands has been to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices so that proper nutritional supplementation like Nucleo® is accessible to a larger proportion of society.

  • Who should drink Nucleo®?

-Anyone who lives a preventative and healthy lifestyle.

-People experiencing long periods of stress.

-People with chronic illnesses, suffering from malnutrition or mal-absorption.

-Individuals recovering after surgery.

-Athletes, as part of a training diet or as supplemental energy during endurance events.

-It can also be used as part of a weight loss programme.

- Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

-Children over 1 yr of age.

(Nutrirands believes that breastfeeding is the most suitable food for infants and that introduction to solids between 6 and 12 months of age should take place gradually.)

  • Omega 3 oils are not supposed to be heated. Is the fish oil in Nucleo® safe?

It is a very good question whenever it comes to fish oil and that relates particularly to the company that provides the service. We are using the world renowned DSM group that provide of the highest quality and unique fish oil products known.

They produce purified fish oil concentrates that are sold in South Africa for children with ADD and for older people with senile dementia. It works unbelievably well.

They are using an omega 3 powder that was made with beadlet technology. They spray dry with a novel cold process and then the oil is stabilised with dl-α-tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate and rosemary extract. These three antioxidants provide increased protection against oxidation should the oil see some light or experience some heat. The fish oil is dispersed in a matrix of modified food starch and sucrose before packaged.

Testing: DSM test all their oils according to WHO standards for a range of heavy metals including mercury and particularly a wide variety of industrials toxins of which PCB’s is only one group.

  • Are there any animal products in Nucleo® since I’m a vegan/vegetarian?

Nucleo® contains spray dried fish oil as mentioned above.

  • 43 ingredients – is that not too many? Will your body absorb them?

Nucleo® was formulated to assist the intestinal absorption process, not just for the 43 ingredients it contains, but also for other foods eaten after Nucleo® has been consumed. This is achieved through the addition of digestive enzymes, absorption-enhancing substances, minerals in the more absorbable amino acid chelate form and several other ingredients that support the intestine in the absorption process. This is Nucleo®’s unique focus – healing the intestines for full absorption.

  • Apparently minerals don’t absorb easily. What guarantee do I have that the minerals in Nucleo® will be any different?

The minerals in Nucleo® are imported from a company in the USA that uses patented technology to bind the minerals to amino acids that dramatically enhance absorption. These amino acid chelate minerals are very stable during the digestive process, they have no ionic charge and they have a small molecular size which all aids the absorption process.

  • Can I use Nucleo® if I have porphyria?

Certain foods are known porphyria triggers and some are less known or cause it in less people who have the condition. The main foods that are mentioned are: Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Red plums, Red grapes, Red / purple grape juice, Prunes, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Kale, Kohlrabi, Mustard, Raw onion, Rutabaga, Turnips, Egg Yolk.

As a start Nucleo® contains none of the above ingredients but what it does contain that could potentially be a problem is soya and vanilla. The soya however is an indirect risk due to the phytoestrogenic effect of soya (the dose in Nucleo® is fairly low to exhibit a high estrogenic effect) and the vanilla used is bio-identical. In some articles these foods are not listed as part of the primary abovementioned group but they do appear. So the bottom line is that you should go and see your attending physician and ask about vanilla and soya. If you are comfortable after seeing your physician then start by taking 1 teaspoon of Nucleo® daily gradually increasing the dose until you are taking the full daily dosage.

  • Is the Nucleo drug-free for competing athletes at national level?

I checked every single ingredient found in Nucleo® to the exhaustive list provided by the World Anti Doping Agency called ‘The World Anti-Doping Code’. There is no banned substance in Nucleo® - all good, all natural!