Nucleo Price Benefits

The cost of Nucleo® is determined by yourself and how preventative you want to live or what you decide to allocate to healthy nutrition in your food budget.

We have found that many people drink only 1 scoop (25g) per day and feel the full impact of Nucleo® because of its phenomenal absorption benefits. At less than R10.00/day that is cheaper than a coke without considering that you treat yourself with 1000% better nutrition!

Even at 50g (providing all the vitamins/minerals/amino acids/anti-oxidants/omega 3 oils and protein your body needs daily) at less than R20, Nucleo® is still cheaper than any junk food meal whether a hamburger or pizza - even if you would make it yourself!

 Think about it - if you don't have any food and you only drink 50g of Nucleo® per day you will have all the nutrition your body needs to function at 100% capacity. Yes, you will lose lots of weight, but you will be able to function normally with all the energy you need.

Nucleo® vs other supplements

Remember there are so many different nutrients in a 50g serving of Nucleo® that if that 50g were to be capsulated as different ingredients, it would amount to 40 capsules or more!

Imagine the hassle of drinking 4 capsules every day, never mind 40!

Imagine the time and effort to travel to 5 or more different health shops or pharmacies to find all these capsules.

Imagine the cost!  We have yet to find another product which combines even half the 43 ingredients in Nucleo® at less than R2000 per month. Pricing only 4 ingredients in pharmacies sold seperately: Spirulina, Colostrum, Amino Acids and Omega 3 alone amount to more than R1000 for a month's supply.

Nucleo® ensures optimal absorption

Imagine the loss if your intestine doesn't absorb those expensive supplements in capsule or tablet form.  You have seen how Nucleo® applies natural, nutritional techniques to address the recovery and support of the intestine to increase absorption, so as your intestine recover, you are assured of full absorption of every component in Nucleo® as well as the nutrients in all the other healthy food, fruit and vegetables you are taking in.

A healthy intestine is simply priceless!

A Rolls Royce with 80% discount

So without considering the added value of optimal absorption and the convenience factor of having 43 ingredients (everything your body needs) in this Rolls Royce of a health drink, Nucleo® still ensures an 80% cost saving at less than R20/day, when compared to the same ingredients sold separately.

And if you decide to take 25g per day, you half the cost to less than R10 (less than a sugar-spiked-coke) and you will most definitely still experience Nucleo®’s benefits.

Your health back or your money back

We are so confident that Nucleo® will support your intestine and therefore your general well being and energy levels, that we offer a money back guarantee on your first order of any monthly Nucleo® purchase on our website. So if you tried Nucleo® for a month on a daily basis and it did nothing for you, you can contact us and we will reimburse your purchase - no questions asked. There is only one condition - that you watch the videos (or read the article) on the nutritional techniques used in Nucleo® before you purchase the product, so that you are fully informed on Nucleo®, its ingredients and its purpose.

Imagine walking into a pharmacy or health shop and asking for a money back guarantee on the product you buy!

Now consider replacing R10 of your daily junk food budget with Nucleo® and enjoy a healthy intestine which enables a healthy immune system which will soon result in less illness and therefore decreased medical bills, doctor consultations and courses of antibiotics…