Nucleo supports the core of an athlete - Nucleo Stories

Nothing beats exercise. 
For boosting health.
Especially when you are 40 plus.
Doc Anton always says:
20 to 30 min increased heart rate per day
(building up a sweat)
prevents at least 50% of heart diseases.
energy drinks/protein shakes with sugar
or with a high Glycemic Index (GI),
destroys any positive impact on your health.
That is why he formulated Nucleo without any sugar. Or high GI components. And why we did extreme 8 to 16 hour adventure racing using only Nucleo.
In fact few people knows:
  •  We export Nucleo to Hungary since 2015. A few guys from the Hungarian Olympic team got a hold of Nucleo. They had fantastic results while using it.
So their coach demanded that Nucleo be tested for illegal substances.
In 2016 Nucleo passed the test with flying colours.
Clean of more than 200 substances.
All natural sustained energy with phenomenal recovery properties.
  •  Nucleo has a GI similar to humus or lentils. So it provides tremendous sustained energy for athletes without spiking the blood sugar.
  •  All the minerals are amino acid chelated in Nucleo.
Which means the body absorbs it extremely fast.
That is why you never cramp when using Nucleo during extreme
running, cycling, swimming, crossfit events.


  •  Nucleo contains some of the most powerful anti-oxidants known to man such as Spirulina and Colostrum. That is why athletes can train hard without falling ill before an important race or competition.
In the past 11 years we have had top Comrades, Ironman and Crossfit athletes using Nucleo to improve their results.
So whether you are child playing a sport,
or an elderly person going for a daily walk
or you train for 2-4 hours a day,
Nucleo will support your exercise and health like no other...