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I am saddened. This week a dear friend passed away. Another death by cancer.

So many of you responded to my previous note about cancer. So many family and friends in the midst of this cancer war. Every case is different and complex. Many questions. But I am encouraged to see that you are becoming more aware and informed. That you are doing your own research.

For the last 50 years the main stream view was that cancer is a genetic disease. This view fueled 50 years of cancer research. Results: Expensive treatments. No change in death rates.

Another view: Is cancer not a metabolic disease? Problem with the process of turning food into energy on cell level? If that process is healthy, then cells can't go bad. Isn't prevention better than cure?

Tim Noakes have been under huge attack for his promotion of the banting diet. My opinion: people hear what they want to hear. Some heard they can now eat only meat and be healthy.

Animal protein is definitely more dangerous than plant protein. Real disease causing dangers likes hormones, nitrates, trans fats in meat. Rather stick with game (venison). Or befriend a local farmer as your safe source. But whether us "braai"ers like it or not, there are a thousand reasons why plant protein is so much healthier.

I applaud Tim because he managed to get people to consider what they are eating. That is a huge step forward. He got more people off sugar and junk food than any health buff in South Africa!

When it comes to fighting disease, including cancer, Dr Anton's focus has always been on low GI (glycemic index) and keeping the intestine healthy. Your gut is your first line of defense! Key to transforming food into energy on cell level. A balanced, low GI lifestyle. Keep the blood sugar stable. Super boost the cells sufficiently.

It's basically banting with more plant protein than animal protein. Love your high fats/Omega oils from clean fish, seeds, nuts, avos, olives, coconut. Focus on low GI carbs when you do eat carbs.

This is exactly what Anton achieved with Nucleo: plant protein, healthy fats, low GI carb resulting in an overall GI similar to the GI of chick peas or lentils. A super healthy, balanced breakfast or lunch.

Take the time to read this detailed article by Anton on how your gut is key to fuel your cells and fight any disease, including cancer.

I lift a glass of Nucleo to the old adage - Prevention is better than cure!

Jacques aka the Milkshake man
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