SA Cares For Life Report on Nucleo - Nucleo Stories

Thanks to SA Cares for Life’s diligent monitoring, we now have a detailed 9 week report on 103 vulnerable children who received Nucleo over this period.

It is significant to note that every single child who had a runny nose or any other illness prior to using Nucleo has recovered fully. This is significant in that those children had permanent running noses in spite of the food and porridges with basic vitamins and minerals they received prior to Nucleo.  Another significant result is the number of children with improved concentration and energy which certainly impacts their normal learning abilities. Then there are a number of specific cases such as allergies or ring worms or other conditions being healed.

Thanks again for your tremendous impact on these children… and please contact me if you would like to see the full report.

We are shooting for the stars, as we have a number of NPO’s whom we would like to support with more than 2000 children.