Seven tips for you to sleep better - Nucleo Stories

Blissful uninterrupted sleep...
Nothing rejuvenates like a deep sleep...
Nothing heals the body like long continuous sleep...
The top 3 sleep disrupters:
1 - Bright and Blue light from phone/tv/computer screens after sunset.  Staring into a fire after sunset boosts your melatonin (sleep hormone).  Screens prevents melatonin production. 
So chill around the fire after sunset. Or get some blue light blocking glasses if you have to look into a screen before bed.
2 - Caffeine increase alertness and impairs quality of sleep. Don't take caffeine after sunset. 
3 - Alcohol might relax you, but studies clearly show it results in disruptive sleep disorders. Try to avoid alcohol, at least after dinner.
The Top 4 sleep boosters:
1 - Exercise is the number one booster for deep sleep. Even if you exercise in the evening.
2 - A soothing bedtime routine works wonders. Preparing for bed with a warm bath... Or relaxing music... Or reading a book around the fireplace... Or enjoying a caffeine-free herbal tea with family... Going to bed at the same time every night is essential for your internal clock.
3 - Ensure you get your daily Magnesium dose to relax the muscles sufficiently for better sleep. Nucleo will supply your daily magnesium, but you can add extra with Magnesium crystals in your drinking water. 
4 - Most people rave about medicinal Cannabis oil's phenomenal ability to induce fast and deep sleep. It certainly works much better than any melatonin supplement. It does not have any side effects like you get with sleeping pills. It is totally natural, without the addictive/high element you get when smoking it.
There is simply nothing that works so well for Kathy and I. Knocks us out like a baby and takes us right through to wake-up time at 05:00. Feeling energised, sharp and awake the next morning. No drowsiness or feeling funny. 
We take 4 to 6 drops under the tongue (using olive oil as the carrier oil) with 5 mg of Cannabinoids per drop.  
Give it a try by ordering the oil with your Nucleo and magnesium on the Nucleo Superfood App.
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Passionate about a medicine free lifestyle for you and your family.
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P.S. If you know a mommy expecting a child or breastfeeding, please refer her to our  health secrets site.  We added a section with detail on what a mom should and should not eat while pregnant and breastfeeding.