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Sustained energy and strong immune system using Nucleo®

 My wife and I have been using Nucleo since March 2012. Since we both are very active with children, mountain biking and my pharmacy in Kathu, we depend heavily on sustained energy throughout the day.

 Both my wife and I were amazed that we have now gone through more than a year without falling ill for a single day. Furthermore, I experience Nucleo’s impact on the mountain bike like no other shake as far as fast replacement of vitamins/minerals and sustained energy release goes, without any side effects or crampy stomachs.

Pieter Stapelberg

B.pharm, Kathu Pharmacy


"With a GI as low as 36 no other product supplies such a steady and slow energy release during the most rigorous endurance races as does Nucleo.” Gerhard Minnie – Mountain biker

"With Nucleo focusing on the constant restoration of the intestine, full absorption of every single nutrient needed by the body is almost immediate. So I drink 300ml Nucleo before a race and thereafter sipping 300ml of Nucleo over every 2 hour stretch, I do not need much more than a protein bar or two. I find I don’t experience any lack of vitamins and minerals and therefore no cramping.” Sean von Abo – Triathlon racer   

“Nucleo contains some of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants available and I experienced a tremendous strength build-up in my immune system to fight diseases during training to the point where I went through the last year without any flu or cold keeping me out of races.” Charles Lubbe – Adventure Racer

“I, Lucas Nonyana, experienced a serious energy loss during the last 20km of the 2008 Comrades. My support team passed me 300ml of Nucleo and a tremendous energy boost allowed me to pass several runners in the last 10km to end 43rd in a time of 6 hours 23 minutes. Surprised by Nucleo's impact, I continued to use Nucleo during the next year's training program. Apart from the fact that I never fell ill during the year, I also noticed that my recovery time after ultra marathons was phenomenal. I did not need the usual rest, because of cramping or aching legs after a 70km run and got right into another run the very next day.” During Comrades 2009 Lucas Nonyana surprised all by finishing in 5 hours 39 minutes, in 5th place, making Gold for the first time.

Hi there

 I am not sure if you have heard about a product called Nucleo yet? I came across it about two years ago and have since had the wonderful privilege of working more closely with the developer of the product, Dr Anton Van Rensburg. Dr Anton is the most compassionate and nutrition-smart doctor I know!

He started a project 7 years ago to develop a highly fortified supplemental food with the aim of it being an ideal adjuvant for people with chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, HIV and auto-immune diseases. He decided on 43 specialised food ingredients and it took him several years to perfect the formula. The product is called Nucleo® and has been in use across Southern Africa for the past 4 years in a variety of settings including some pharmacies and doctors’ practices. Although the initial aim was chronic illness Nucleo® is also used by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, athletes and anybody who feels they need more from their food.

I personally did a comparison of Nucleo with about 10 other vitamin supplements and in terms of ingredient spectrum and concentrations, it really is superior. I also have had personal experiences with the immune boosting properties of Nucleo and it seems to really work well!

I know that Dr Anton will be doing some marketing of the product to dieticians and I just thought I would let you know firsthand, as a colleague, that I really think the product is good!


Stay healthy and well!  

Celynn Erasmus

Registered Dietician


Hi to all my fellow dietician colleagues

I have come across a wonderful supplement called NUCLEO! Honestly, it is superb and I have actually been part of programs where the supplement is used in conjunction with healthy diet and exercise. The results are wonderful for diseases of lifestyle, chronic fatigue syndrome, fertility, stress, burn out, concentration, productivity, HIV, inflammatory conditions, mood disorders, etc…

As a dietician I always like to see evidence based research and case studies…. Nucleo is scientific and I know could be quite beneficial to our patients.

Kindest regards,

Christine Stent Pinha

Corporate Nutrition Specialist and Motivational Speaker