Nucleo Gliserine Combo - Nucleo Stories

I am now nearing my fifties. I am still the champion arm wrestler among my boys and their friends! I am only just lagging them in the warrior race… but I start to feel the joints...
A while back I received a silver beard tip. From a gentleman in his late 60’s who is still running marathons: One tablespoon of Gelatine a day.

So for some months I have been adding some beef Gelatine to my daily Nucleo… and wow… I don’t feel the old shoulder joint anymore.

A friend of my age group, with a painful knee problem took my advice with the Nucleo/Gelatine combo. Now she flies up and down stairs like a young gazelle again.

A Harvard study gave 29 arthritis patients (who did not respond to any treatment) Gelatin for 90 days and 28 of them were cured. No pain in their wrists or joints anymore.  
Gelatine is a protein extracted from collagen. Our parents got it from their daily meat-on-the-bone diets and bone broth. Nowadays our diets are void of it.
Now when you add the amino acids in Gelatin to Nucleo (which has an extra amino acid blend over and above the soya and spirulina amino acids), PLUS the Omega 3 oils in Nucleo, you end up with one powerful joint recovery machine.

For younger athletes the amino acid range in Nucleo should be enough. But us silver beards can do with the extra Gelatine.

You can get Gelatin where you get your baking soda. At a fraction of the price of most collagen products.

For a reminder of the 43 ingredients in Nucleo click here. For latest pricing options click here.

I lift yet another glass of Nucleo to your disease free life!