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Mark stopped 3 months of diarrhea in its tracks with Nucleo...

I had been suffering from Cryptosporidium and C.Diff since early May 2014 and 5 rounds of medication later (3 months of medication, lab work, blood tests and $4500 in costs) the bacteria level was still over the highest limits. No doctor had an answer and I was handed-off between the two main hospitals in Minnesota until I finally was given to a specialist in the field.


While in this state of perpetual diarrhea, I had to fly to Dubai for business and were given a bag of Nucleo from a friend while there. Now, I admit that the first two days I took Nucleo my body seemed to be going into a heavy detox attack mode as I ran back and forth to the restroom, but by day 3 things were settling down, and since then I have gone from 20 restroom trips per day to 2-3 trips and a very normal system.


When I returned to the USA the specialist did not believe Nucleo could have made any difference at all and thought that you must have been slipping in some Imodium to stop the diarrhea and not listing it on the ingredients.  There was a visiting doctor and scholar from Europe (observing in the gastro-intestinal department) who was very intrigued and asked to scan the Nucleo brochure into my file and study your ingredients.


The main doctor gave no weight to the nutrients of Nucleo and he was sure that the next 9 blood tests and stool specimens would either show active C.Diff bacteria or that I was a carrier of the C.Diff DNA spores.


When the test results were returned to me in late September, the blood was not only within the parameters, everything was greatly normal. The specimen sample showed no signs of the C.Diff or cryptosporidium. It was completely eradicated, not only the bacteria was gone, but any spores that I could be carrying in the intestines were gone.


The doctor had to admit that four different labs were used during the 3 months and the chance for error was minimal.  The first three lab tests in the spring and summer all showed the signs of a very high bacteria count and unstable red and white blood cell counts.  Then, when the Mayo Clinic did their testing at their global lab here in Minnesota, the intestines, specimen and blood all were completely clear.


Thank you for a quality product! I can only say that it did what $4500 in medicine and doctor bills could not do in 3 months and it restored the blood count and the intestines to perfect health in 3 days — a result, the Mayo Clinic had to confirm.


Mark, Minnesota, USA